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During autumn and winter our attention usually turns to red wine. The fuller depth of flavour and more rounded character prove popular choices during the cooler months. There are, however, several types of white grape that still provide these comforting notes for the committed wine enthusiast. One of which is Verduzzo, often described as ‘the red wine for white wine drinkers’.

The Verduzzo grape has its origins in the Fruili-Venezia Giulia wine region of North East Italy. This wine region is rated as one of Italy’s three world class wine regions and is bordered by the Alps to the North, Slovenia to the East and the Italian regions of Veneto forms the Western border and part of the Southern border with the Adriatic Sea. Soils types in this area are very similar to those in Kangaroo Ground.

Our second vintage of this unique wine has recently been released and is proving to be increasingly popular. With a green straw hue and a nose of melon and lemon, our 2009 Verduzzo is bright and refreshing yet has a lingering palate of apricot and nectarine combined with a subtle citrus overtone. It is a dry wine with an excellent balance of acids. Verduzzo is such a complete wine that it is great on its own, but you will find it a perfect accompaniment for a whole range of foods – salads, pasta, risotto, seafood, poultry, pork and even lamb.